Video surveillance

Video surveillance is addressed to those who need to keep some closed or open places under control, in order to avoid thefts or other actions of vandalism.
Mega stores, supermarkets, hotels, jeweler’s shops, shops in general, public offices, banks, museums, parking areas or private houses can be damaged owing to these crimes.

“Life punishes those who arrive late” Michail Gorbaciov

The surveillance system we suggest to our clients is a sophisticated method to discover unauthorized persons or anomalous situations inside a predetermined and circumscribed area.
One or more telecameras record what happens inside the considered area, sending all data to a computer.
Directly connected to the computer, the web site we created is programmed to meet our clients’ requirements and to guarantee a speedy intervention.
It is possible to choose the most suitable solution owing to specific needs. Telecameras can be placed inside the structure where the video surveillance system is located or even outside; this last solution implies a remote control and the use of the website in order to receive and screen the available data.
The singling out of the contents and of the best technical solution will be suggested by our qualified and up-to-date staff.